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Known as "The Pipe People" since 1987, the Plumbing Exchange is a family owned business which supplies major supply houses, contractors and plumbers throughout the Tri-state Area. We feature exclusively domestic pipes and fittings of black, copper and cast iron for superior quality. We specialize in all sizes of no hub, service weight, and extra heavy cast iron pipes and specialty fittings.

Right up there with our top quality products and services, ranks our customer service. We are a tight-knit team passionately committed to serving you and expertly meeting your needs. You'll never get voicemail during business hours - when you call, you'll get what you need now - and the boss is right here and available to you too!

From landmark buildings to commercial construction sites, to private residences and homes, we pride ourselves with our sterling reputation of being a solutions provider to virtually any kind of plumbing project. Challenge us with yours today and experience the difference!